The process of sand casting aluminum is particularly well-suited for the production of complex forms. In many cases, it is the only technique which can produce products with highly complex cores and core assemblies. In addition, sand casting plays a significant role in developing and testing sample products to be produced in high pressure die casting.

MGG Netherlands, is the largest and most advanced sand casting foundry in Western Europe.

Manufacturing capabilities include:
• two fully automated molding lines 
  (flask sizes: 1350x900x750 mm and 900x900x600 mm)
• aluminum production capacity of 12.000 tons per year
• 16 cold box core shooters
• robotic de-burring and shot blasting unitsg5
• robotic production welding
• in-house heat treating
• an extensive quality department including X-ray, 
  3D measurement, material analysis and destructive testing




MGG Netherlands provides numerous customers with a wide variety of complex aluminum sand castings. Weights range from 1 kg to 50 kg. Production quantities range from medium to large.