MGG machines castings produced in various foundry processes using the latest in machining technology. MGG has over 40 state-of-the-art, flexible, CNC machining centers, as well as dedicated machines. Twenty-four of these machines are places in a climate controlled room.   


The CNC machining centers are equipped with numerous clamping tables and tool holders with up to 80 positions. With the help of Direct Numerical Control software linked to the machine controls, it is possible to react quickly and efficiently to product changes.

Using two central air cooling systems for the coolant having a temperature of 20º (with a tolerance of + / - 1º in 24 hours), automated washing and drying units, modern measurement equipment (including 3-D and SPC) and an in-house tool shop for designing and making the overall tools (with the exception of the cutting tools), MGG adds significant value to each casting.

Our machining facility in Nieuw Bergen, The Netherlands guarantees extremely precise, flexible and efficient machining for a wide variety of products and batch sizes.