MGG has introduced the next step in Sand Casting, called LPSC (Low Pressure Sand Casting). LPSC is a revolutionary, patented Sand Casting method which takes the turbulence out of the equation.

MGG has fully integrated LPSC in the traditional gravity Sandcasting process (1350x900x750mm) where it is possible to switch between LPSC and Gravity Sand Casting at anytime. LPSC enhances the possibilities for traditional Sand Casting and as such it also fulfils your casting needs for complex aluminium products!   

LPSC improves your product with:
· Up to 30% weight reduction (less wall thickness)
· Combined with higher mechanical properties.

Through LPSC MGG manufacturers high quality components for the automotive and truck industry.

LPSC products are perfectly suited for: Structural components, Suspension Parts and Powertrain components.

Please contact MGG for further information such as the benefits LPSC offers for your products.