MGG is a supplier of high quality aluminium serial castings mainly for customers in the truck-, car- and heating industry. MGG guarantees continuity by acting customer-orientated, respecting the employees, the environment and other stakeholders

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental policy

The processes used, are automated where possible and profitable and carried out by employees with necessary skills. In these processes materials or devices are used that might, in any form or at any time, cause harm to a human being or to the environment and/or immediate surroundings. It is MGG’s strategy to minimize any possible emission of pollution as well as efficient usage of energy, water, raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging. Measures are taken on a continuous base to tackle environmental effects at the source. MGG is always looking for opportunities to transport the products as efficiently as possible with a minimum effect for the environment.

MGG has written down the Health, Safety and Environmental policy in the Health, Safety and Environmental program, in which realistic objectives have been registered. Integrated part is the compliance to the actual laws and rules. For MGG environmental care (incl. Energy) is a social duty and health and safety is a social responsibility and the company will keep stimulating the employees to act safely and environmental consciously as well as to use energy economically.

All this is embedded in a Health, Safety and Environmental care system, which is an inseparable part of our integrated management system. The whole process of planning, organisation, carrying out, coordination, monitoring and evaluation is written down in procedures and additional agreements based on the international standard for environmental care called the NEN-EN-ISO 14001. This environmental care system is checked independently on a regular base and helps MGG to ensure that the required demands are always respected as well as the own strategic objectives and that the continuous improvement of environmental achievements is guaranteed.


Declaration of REACH and ROHS

Milieucertificaat ISO 14001